Investigative Agent Services

  • Develop and implement Investigative Services to respond to, and assist in averting threats to the health, safety, and welfare of individuals with disabilities.
  • Acquire the services of Investigative Agents certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). Agents will be on-call 24 hours per day.
  • Provide the County Board with a primary Investigative Agent and a secondary (back-up) Agent.
  • Conduct MUI Investigations according to SOCOG’s policies and procedures.
  • Complete Investigative reports for assigned MUI’s, including recommendations for prevention as applicable.
  • Track timelines and DODD requests through the statewide Incident Tracking System (ITS).
  • Search out and utilize available resources to fund investigation activities.
  • Provide training for County Board staff, providers, and others regarding compliance with pertinent law, accurate incident reporting, preventative measures, and other issues related to Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) and Unusual Incidents (UI).
  • Serve as a liaison between County Board and DODD in regards to MUI investigations, reporting, compliance reviews, abuser registry reviews, etc.
  • Review allegations of MUIs and recommend appropriate action to be taken.
  • Provide technical assistance for County Boards on accessing the ITS as requested.
  • Pursue effective working relationships with local law enforcement officials, ODJFS, Children Service Boards, County prosecutors, and other appropriate entities.
  • Maintain official investigative file for each MUI case investigated by SOCOG.

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